New York Nights creates 'Tae Kwon Do-ritos' submission
December 8, 2015

New York Nights creates 'Tae Kwon Do-ritos' submission

MASSAPEQUA, NY — Paul DeAngelo of New York Nights Studios (, here, recently created a submission for Dorito’s Crash The Super Bowl contest, which encourages fans to create their own commercial for a chance to win cash and national exposure during the big game.

The :30 Tae Kwon Do-ritos spot centers around a bully, who steals a young girl’s chips, only to unleash the fury of the local karate school. DeAngelo handled all production and post duties on the piece, including writing, directing, shooting and editing.

The project was made possible thanks in part to Master Lee’s Tae Kwon Do school, whose students and instructor are featured. While the piece had almost no budget, all of the talent scored a free lunch afterwards. Master Lee even taught a class for all the kids that showed up.

Tae Kwon Do-ritos was shot using two Canon 6D cameras. An Edelkrone Slider was used during filming. Sound was captured using Sennheiser wireless mics and Rode shotgun mics, recording to a TASCAM H4N. All editing, effects, audio, etc., was posted using the Adobe Creative Cloud, which included Premiere, After Effects, Audition and Encore. Motion tracking was performed using Mocha Pro, and color grading was handled via Magic Bullet Looks.