Whitehouse Post continues Kate Spade's  'Miss Adventure'
November 9, 2015

Whitehouse Post continues Kate Spade's 'Miss Adventure'

NEW YORK — Whitehouse Post (www.whitehousepost.com) continues its work for Kate Spade Collaboration with a new holiday Miss Adventure short that appears on the global lifestyle brand’s Website (https://www.katespade.com). The video runs just under four minutes and represents the fourth installment. Actress Anna Kendrick returns for this Miss Adventure, and is joined by Girls star, Zosia Mamet.

Mari Hiller directed “Joy Ride,” which picks up where the Fall 2015 film left off. Kendrick is shown departing the Russian Team Room in New York City, and after some confusion, finds herself sharing a limo with Mamet. Her canine sidekick Brussels Griffon is also on hand.

Whitehouse Post editor Ethan Mitchell cut the previous Miss Adventure installments, and here, uses editorial pacing to share how the actresses deal with boredom through clever dialogue.

Caviar produced the video and Melissa Merino assisted Mitchell on the edit.