2C Creative hypes <i>X-Files'</i> return
November 15, 2016

2C Creative hypes X-Files' return

MIAMI – 2C Creative (www.2c.tv) recently created a new promo campaign for 20th Television that hypes the return of The X-Files to national syndication. The three spot campaign is designed to roll out in phases, and began with a bold graphic tease that juxtaposes some of the series’ quintessential iconography: UFOs, aliens, guns and catch phrases. 

The second phase featured a promo that’s themed around paranoia and redaction, with jump cuts and blurred images suggesting that the government doesn’t want viewers to see this footage. Finally, the campaign’s third phase tapped real-life comic book artist Gregbo Watson, who happened to be a huge fan of the show. Working with the 2C team, he transformed the series’ narrative into a dynamically moving graphic novel. 

“As a fan of the original series, it was fun to go back and promote the series in a fresh and unique way,” notes 2C writer/producer Gardner. “And knowing we had the opportunity to turn a whole new generation of viewers into fans made this project that much more rewarding.”
The 2C team included chief creative officer Chris Sloan, editor Jeff Morelli, producer Michael Berkman, design director Luis Martinez, production manager Nikki Coloma, director of operations Robert Armstrong, and designer Jessica Musumeci.
In addition to comic book illustrator Gregbo Watson, the studio also collaborated with sound mixer Cesar Haliwa.