GoPro ships Omni VR rig
August 18, 2016

GoPro ships Omni VR rig

SAN MATEO, CA — GoPro is now shipping pre-orders of its Omni spherical VR capture solution. The six-camera capture rig is designed for GoPro cameras and offers an end-to-end content creation ecosystem for easily capturing and publishing virtual reality content.

Omni features six Hero4 Black cameras. At its core lives a synchronization mechanism that allows all six cameras to act as one. By powering on the primary camera, all-six cameras are activated. Users can adjust the shooting mode on the primary camera, and all of the other cameras automatically align on the same mode. 

The aluminum frame is designed to draw heat away from the cameras, increasing thermal performance for improved run time. Users have a number of power options, including an external battery pack (included in the all-inclusive package), or the individual Hero4 Black batteries. It also allows for the rig to be powered only with external battery power, removing the Hero4 Black batteries for further heat dissipation.

Metadata recorded onto each file and SD card from the Omni synchronization mechanism allows for worry-free data transfer and content management. Drop the cards out of Omni, plug them into a USB hub and each card will be automatically organized by camera into a neat filing system. 
Omni Importer is included free with AVP 2.5 software. Omni Importer solves 90 to 100 percent of the stitching challenges. Pros can then use AVP and new NLE plug-ins manually fine tune their stitching, geometry and colors.