HP debuts Z2 mini workstation
November 15, 2016

HP debuts Z2 mini workstation

PALO ALTO, CA — At Autodesk University in Las Vegas, HP Inc. (www.hp.com) unveiled a mini workstation designed for users in CAD and other compute-intensive industries. The HP Z2 Mini Workstation delivers power and versatility in a 2.3-inch high form factor, which is 90 percent smaller than traditional business-class towers. 
The HP Z2 Mini Workstation is twice as powerful as any commercial mini PC on the market today and has the ability to support six displays right out of the box. The HP Z2 Mini was designed for CAD users who demand smaller hardware without compromising acoustics, performance and mission-critical reliability.

Priced at $699 and available in December, the HP Z2 Mini Workstation is capable of designing anything from state-of-the-art electronics to home and office buildings. The workstation, running Windows 10 Pro or Linux, comes equipped with next generation Intel Xeon processors, Nvidia professional graphics and the availability of HP Z Turbo Drive for handling large files fast. 
“The HP Z2 Mini, the world’s first mini workstation, delivers breakthrough power and versatility in a small, iconic design,” says Jeff Wood, vice president and general manager, workstations and thin clients, HP Inc. “HP redefined the workstation in 2009 with the introduction of the HP Z series, and now once again is disrupting the category with the new HP Z2 Mini Workstation - the ultimate combination of space efficiency, elegance and power for our customers and partners.”

As workplaces become more space constrained, there’s a greater business need for the smaller workstations like the HP Z2 Mini. The compact form factor resembles more a super computer from the future than a PC of today. The octagon form of the HP Z2 Mini is the most uniquely designed HP Workstation in HP’s 35 years of workstation history, and incorporates HP Z DNA throughout the product, including extensive ISV certification and 368,000 hours of quality testing.