Leftchannel helps E! promote 'Fashion Week' coverage
February 10, 2016

Leftchannel helps E! promote 'Fashion Week' coverage

COLUMBUS, OH – Leftchannel (www.leftchannel.com) is following up the success of its Fall 2015 promo campaign for E! & New York Fashion Week with a brand-new promo for Fashion Week 2016. 

“They wanted this second promo to be bigger than the last piece and more impactful,” explains Leftchannel creative director Alberto Scirocco. “This was a much different challenge than they presented to us after the New Year. The first piece was a heavy editorial project focused on the elegant beauty of high-end fashion. For 2016, they asked us to focus on the energy and excitement of the event itself, but still incorporate the design language we created in 2015. This was a very large compositing piece for us, with a great deal of complexity and many layers. E! wanted to expand the viewers’ perspective and experience, which we believe they have with this piece.” 

E! gave the studio a lot of creative control for the overall concept and design of this second promo campaign. The overall look and visual typographic style created by Leftchannel for the 2015 campaign was well received and rolled out across all E! New York Fashion Week design assets. For 2016, the studio concepted an augmented visual rope piece taking viewers from backstage to the New York City streets to the paparazzi, fans and parties; and finally the runway, giving it a look and energy all its own. 

Shot on in front of a green screen at 500fps, the Leftchannel production team used a dolly-mounted Phantom Flex to capture footage of the models and extras. Back at the studio, the team designed and composited each scene together. Leftchannel, again, handled all of the casting, live-action production, motion graphics, CG, compositing and finishing for the promo. They also provided an extensive tool kit for the in-house designers at E! to work with.