Music Video: Slayer - <i>Pride In Prejudice</i>
September 9, 2016

Music Video: Slayer - Pride In Prejudice

LOS ANGELES — Slayer has released a new music video that continues its prison-riot theme. Pride In Prejudice follows the previously-released You Against You and Repentless storylines, and features the same cast, who are now out of the correction center and bent on revenge.

The video has narrative bookends that open and close the piece, reminding viewers of past events. In the musical portion, footage of the band performing in snow-covered woods is intercut with additional narrative scenes. Like the earlier releases, there’s lots of blood and graphic violence.

BJ McDonnell directed the new video, having worked on both past releases for the band and their label, Nuclear Blast Records. Editor Ed Marx also returned for the project, sharing duties this time with co-editor Andrea Porter.

The project was shot on Arri’s Alexa by DP Eric Leach and Company 3 handled color correction.

Sound designer/mixer Michael Kammes applied his skills to the video’s open and closing sequences. Kammes also contributed to the first two videos in the package.