SGO previews Mistika's VR toolset at NAB
April 12, 2016

SGO previews Mistika's VR toolset at NAB

MADRID, SPAIN — SGO ( is previewing the advanced Immersive Reality Toolset of its Mistika post production system at NAB. The new toolset combines the company’s stereo 3D functionality with a new virtual reality mode. 

Mistika provides powerful tools for color, HDR, stereo 3D, high frame rate and compositing for virtual reality in one complete system. In addition to serving as a VR finishing environment, Mistika can also handle projection mapping of Equi-Rectangular content. The system handles the complex relationships between the spherical world and the flattened source and delivery files so the user can work in the same way they always have, without dramatic changes to their method, and without the technical headaches of VR delivery. 

Shapes, texts and composites are being designed to automatically warp and track across spherical projection seams and poles. The operator can switch between normal space and virtual reality space, by controlling the spherical VR viewing port with a grading panel tracking-ball, a newly developed GUI control or with a VR device gyroscope. 

“This functionality is unique, and is not a 2D system merely pretending to do VR,” says Miguel Angel Doncel, CEO of SGO. “In order to implement this feature, we take full advantage of Mistika’s existing realtime architecture and advanced image-processing engine, integrating finishing and grading capabilities in a powerful virtual reality workflow. This simply wouldn't be possible in a ‘color grading only’ system.” 

Mistika will also be able to enable users to connect live video output to VR devices for the final result to be viewed in realtime. The company recognizes the importance of working with its customers through the evolution of VR, and will be offering those who already have the Mistika stereoscopic 3D option, access to the Immersive Reality Toolset free of charge.