StormStock licensing 4K Hurricane Matthew footage
October 13, 2016

StormStock licensing 4K Hurricane Matthew footage

ARLINGTON, TX — Cinematographer Martin Lisius followed Hurricane Matthew along the Florida coast to capture 4K imagery of the mega storm. The storyteller braced against 90mph winds and endured stinging, horizontal rain to capture the imagery, which he’s now offering a glimpse of via his Vimeo channel (

"Yes, the rain actually stings if you aren't completely covered," says the DP. "To me, filming a hurricane is like standing in front of a fire hose with a camera for several hours. It's invigorating!" 

Rain protection is critical, he adds. "I carefully tape my cameras and lenses, and then add rain coats to them. And, as soon as I can, I rinse them in fresh water to remove sea salt." 

His new material is available for licensing exclusively through StormStock (, the company that which he founded in 1993.