Archion unveils integrated SSD & HDD EditStor solutions
April 19, 2017

Archion unveils integrated SSD & HDD EditStor solutions

LA VERNE, CA — Archion Technologies ( introduced two new “All SSD” EditStor products: Omni Flash and Velo Flash. During NAB, Archion demonstrated multiple EditStor models at its booth, while also raffling a full turnkey EditStor Velo. 

Archion offers high performance shared storage that supports collaborative 4K DPX, 8K, visual effects and 360 video workflows as well as standards-based PC, Windows and Linux compatibility, transparent Avid project sharing, easy scalability up to 2.4 Petabytes, dynamic volume and storage expansion and speeds of 8,000 MB/sec with HDDs.

As a result, the EditStor family is able to create protocols with flexibility for the future. The new Archion products, Omni Flash and Velo Flash, are a result of this engineering — one that, according to the company, has already anticipated new developments for SSD technologies. Equipped with enterprise quality SSDs and Archion’s intelligence, the EditStor Velo and Omni bandwidth speeds have accelerated to 11,000 and 15,000 MB/sec respectively in single engines, and IOPS have increased to 1.2 million.   

Archion reports that it designed its EditStor products with speed and easy integration with SSD and HDD drives. Now, a standard EditStor expansion chassis can be seamlessly added to an EditStor Flash engine for high density and cost effectiveness, while delivering a transparent and blazing active tier performance for challenging workflows. 4K, 8K and 360 video workflow demands, such as DPX playback, UHD editorial, ingesting, transcoding, rendering and more, can be handled within one EditStor system. In addition, all media is managed through Archion’s new user interface, which enables immediate volume and share creation, naming and organization.

“When we originally designed the Editstor Velo and Omni systems, we integrated our patented technology roadmap across the board. Every EditStor system features that technology, thus enabling our products to consistently and intuitively adapt. Our new all-Flash systems are a prime example of our forward-thinking design in action,” says James Tucci, Archion’s CTO.