Aspera shows high-speed file transfer service
April 23, 2017

Aspera shows high-speed file transfer service

LAS VEGAS — Emeryville, CA’s Aspera (, is at NAB 2017 with a new high-speed file transfer service designed as a multi-tenant, high-speed SaaS platform that can rapidly scale to move media of any size over any distance at line speed to and from object storage. Aspera Transfer Service (ATS) is a FASP-enabled platform that includes Aspera’s Direct-to-Cloud and Autoscale Transfer Cluster Manager (ATCM) technology running on major cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and SoftLayer. 

This SaaS solution can be quickly and easily integrated into any digital workflow that includes file-based ingest or video/VoD distribution and exchange to and from cloud infrastructure. ATS also enables live streaming for ingest of analytics and ingest or distribution of live video.

ATS not only enables the fastest file uploads and downloads with predictable transfer times, it also provides robust security and comprehensive transfer management features, such as encryption over the wire and at rest, dynamic bandwidth control, pause and resume, and realtime and historical reporting. Users can transfer data to S3 in single sessions at around 3Gbps on average from any distance, and in multi-session transfers at over 20Gbps on average. Using ATCM technology, the platform is optimized to offer extreme scaling, high availability and load balancing.

Aspera Files is hybrid cloud-based content sharing service that enables media and entertainment companies around the world to speed content collaboration and distribution. Based on Aspera FASP technology, Aspera Files is a Software-as-a-Service offering on IBM Cloud that accelerates the sharing and secure transfer of large files and directories – even the largest content files and associated metadata – directly from its native storage environment, whether on premises or in the cloud. 

The cloud service is offered as an all-inclusive platform hosted on the IBM Cloud with built-in Aspera transfer service and IBM Cloud object storage. Files can also seamlessly connect Aspera transfer nodes and storage running on all major third-party cloud infrastructure providers and storage deployed on customer premises to provide fast, secure, and direct transfer of content of any size, at any distance, independent of storage location.

A pay-as-you-go option enables customers small to large to take advantage of the power of the Aspera platform with a cost-effective offering that scales with their business. The brandable workspace model accommodates the project nature of the digital media business.