Audio post studio Vinyl Mix opens in NYC
March 29, 2017

Audio post studio Vinyl Mix opens in NYC

NEW YORK — Audio post house Vinyl Mix ( has opened in New York City as the sister studio to music and sound company Yessian ( Vinyl Mix is staffed with audio mixing and sound design talent, and will be led by managing director/EP Marlene Bartos, who continues in her role as the head of Yessian’s New York office. 

Heading up creative is sound designer/audio post mixer Weston Fonger, who will continue to create sound design for Yessian’s music projects while guiding the mix projects at Vinyl Mix. Backing up Bartos and Fonger are senior producer Emily Smith and audio mixer Jarrett Farkas.
“In the ever-changing climate of New York’s post production industry, there’s a need for a company that can provide clients with a creatively driven, high-end environment where all aspects of their project's audio needs can be thoughtfully curated,” says Fonger.
The Vinyl Mix studios are housed within the Yessian offices in New York. Brian Yessian, partner and chief creative officer of the company, says the goal is to grow the Vinyl Mix brand to include outposts in Detroit, LA and Hamburg, Germany, where Yessian also has offices, and to pursue work that originates outside of Yessian, rather than have Vinyl Mix focus solely on internal projects.
“The presence of Vinyl Mix in New York space is part of our commitment to providing a 360-degree experience for clients,” he says. “I think it’ll help counter the perception that music houses can’t offer top-rate audio post services. Beyond that, our plan is to be totally agnostic in how we work; if an independent project comes in – and we welcome them – we won’t steer them to our music side. And for those clients that are working with us on music, we can offer audio post as part of an attractive, one-stop package.”
Fonger says there are creative motivations behind Vinyl Mix as well, coming from his perspective as a sound designer working for a leading music house. “For a number of years I've been fortunate to judge the AICP Show’s Sound Design category, so I've seen many projects with otherwise brilliant sound design suffer from a bad mix,” he observes. “At Vinyl Mix, we’ll offer an integrated solution: sound design, with a thoughtful approach to detail, coupled with a great mix that highlights every sonic nuance.”
Vinyl Mix offers a full range of audio recording and post services, including mobile and on-site recording solutions. Among the projects the studio has worked on since openings its doors are spots for Lincoln via Hudson Rouge, Oreo via The Martin Agency and Volvo via Townhouse. The studio has also handled several projects for The Brooklyn Brothers, including mixing spots for Remy Martin and a series of ads and Web shorts for Optimum.
In addition to its advertising credits, Vinyl Mix’s work can be heard on mixes for Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Coldplay, as well as on short and feature length films with animator Bill Plympton.