Cinedeck adds to cineX family of file-based editing tools
September 7, 2017

Cinedeck adds to cineX family of file-based editing tools

AMSTERDAM — New York City’s Cinedeck (, the developer of cineXtools for true multi-codec, file-based insert editing, announced three new implementations in its cineX family for automating and providing remote access to the many time-saving functions in the cineXtools box.

CineXtools are designed to allow users to quickly and efficiently make changes to deliverables, as well as create alternate versions without unnecessary, time consuming rendering, QCing, uploading and downloading. Fixing an hour show that needs a :10 title correction, for example, normally entails changing the timeline, exporting a new master file and running it through any number of QC steps. Moreover, if the file is stored remotely, another upload session is required, adding more wasted hours. With cineXtools, users can export just the :10 fix, insert to the master and QC just those ten seconds. 

CineXtools is the standalone deliverables management and insert-edit application, for Windows and OSX. CineXcloud is designed for virtualization, unlocking wider, data center deployments of cineX insert-edit technology. CineXjobs is a workflow engine for the creation of pre-defined file and folder based processes. And CineXapi provides unrestricted API and command-line access to the full complement of cineXtools functions. 

The company is also showing complete closed captioning environment at IBC that will be available as a major addition to the cineXtools box. The heart of cineXtools’ captioning module will be a caption creation and management environment, similar to other tools available today. The module will support direct inserts from .MCC, .CAP, .SCC and .AAF files to master files that have a caption track. Additional features will include caption extraction - making changes and reinserting will also be supported.

Also included will be the ability to extract VBI/VANC digital captions and save them to a compatible captions file like .SCC or .CAP. Similarly, extracting SD analog captions will be possible, as will automatic, in-place conversions from 608 to 708 captions. Lastly, functions will be added to the re-wrap toolset, providing a way to add a caption track to a file and to convert files with 608 captions to 708 captions.

Cinedeck will be at IBC, September 15th through 19th, in Hall 9, stand LP7.