Cinedeck showing new solutions for NLE workflows
April 20, 2017

Cinedeck showing new solutions for NLE workflows

NEW YORK — Cinedeck ( has a number of new products at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas. The developer of CineXtools and the CineXinsert engine has introduced CineXtools Basic, a free version of their standalone insert-edit application. CineXtools is a cross-codec, cross-wrapper insert editor that allows content producers to fix files instead of completely re-creating them. 

Using a familiar nonlinear editor style interface, all CineXtools versions allow users to frame-accurately replace segments of video or audio in closed flat files, without re-rendering or re-exporting entire programs. The new, free version supports files containing all qualities and framerates of ProRes and DNxHD, up to YUV10 at resolutions up to 2K and up to two channels of audio. 

While the paid subscription versions are intended for facilities with more complex workflows that require special delivery formats, Basic incorporates essential features like Instant Timecode Restripe, WAV File Support, and Multi-Clip Insert. Along with the free CBR ProRes export plug-ins and utilities, co-developed with Adobe, Avid, and Autodesk for their respective NLE platforms, CineXtools Basic provides all the tools needed to enable a seamless insert-edit workflow for the most popular deliverable formats.

Cinedeck is also showing the new RX2 and HX1 platforms for the first time in the USA. Additionally, Cinedeck is showing multiple new features for its Cinedeck Version 5 video recording and playback platforms.

HX1 is Cinedeck’s new, multi-channel H.264 recorder for on-site deliveries of H.264 show files and line cuts for the many production team members that need to ‘walk away with the show in their pocket.’ HX1 records up to four HD or SD sources at a broad range of quality levels, from full HD on down, and can connect up to ten USB thumb drives. 

Cinedeck’s RX2 is a new two-channel HD/SD recorder that supersedes RX3G at a much lower price while enhancing the long-standing portability with an available PCIe slot for network card or GPU expansion. RX2 runs the same user interface as the previous generation of RX, allowing easy setup with a negligible learning curve. 

Among the new features in Cinedeck Version 5.01 are a freeze-frame and store function where a full resolution freeze frame of any channel is saved by keyboard command or an AMP API call. The three encoder mode (per-channel) is a ZX specific option that enhances the standard two encodes per-channel (master and proxy) with an additional proxy encode. And HD to SD down-convert on record is for facilities that need to take in HD signals and simultaneously record both HD and SD versions of the HD source.