Dreamworks Animation's Skottie Miller to speak at Storage Visions Conference
August 28, 2017

Dreamworks Animation's Skottie Miller to speak at Storage Visions Conference

MILPITAS, CA — The 2017 Storage Visions Conference (SV 2017) will be held Monday, October 16th in Milpitas, CA (www.storagevisions.com). Skottie Miller, technology fellow for engineering and infrastructure at Dreamworks Animation, will be a keynote speaker.   

The 2017 Storage Visions Conference theme is “New Visions for Digital Storage” and the conference will bring together the vendors, end users, researchers and visionaries that will meet the growing demand for digital storage for all aspects of unstructured and lightly structured data. 

“DreamWorks Animation Taps Modern Scale-Out Storage to Accelerate Its Digital Content Pipeline”
Behind the flying dragons and dancing trolls are the combined talents of DreamWorks Animation’s award-winning engineers, filmmakers and artists. Together, they collaborate to create the tools needed for one of the most complex digital manufacturing processes in the world: making a computer-generated animated movie.

In order to meet the demands of the studio’s digital content needs, DreamWorks Animation relies on solutions for a flash-first hybrid storage architecture that is more performant and scalable. Skottie Miller will explain how the studio found a solution to keep pace with the vast amount of small file data generated from animation rendering workflows

In the next few years vast quantities of data will be generated and will need rapid analysis to be useful. This data will come from digital healthcare, genomics, the Internet of Things, big science, artificial intelligence, manufacturing as well as cloud and fog computing. The 2017 Storage Visions Conference will help businesses, IT professionals and data scientists understand the digital storage solutions that will make them successful in this new world.

In addition to the sessions, there will also be five keynote talks during the conference and a sponsored reception in the evening. The agenda for the Storage Visions® Conference is online at: http://storagevisions.com/2017Agenda.htm. The Storage Visions Conference is put on by the Entertainment Storage Alliance (www.entertainmentstorage.org) and Coughlin Associates (www.tomcoughlin.com).