Edit8 app simplifies dialogue transcription
November 7, 2017

Edit8 app simplifies dialogue transcription

NORTHAMPTON, UK — Edit8 (edit8.com) transcriber is a new app that uses Google Speech recognition to analyze and transcribe footage in a way that makes it accessible via Avid and Premiere. The tool basically creates clip markers, which make the whole process of finding the right sentence in hours of footage much easier, allowing editors to focus on building the story instead of wasting time looking for certain spoken sentences.

Edit8 features an automated back-end engine that allows secure login, footage analysis and transfer of the transcription directly within the app. For clients requiring transcription of more than several hours of footage per month, Edit8 facilitates a custom backend, allowing them to use their own Google account and lower the cost of transcription. 

The client app features transcription editing, which enables fine tuning of the Google speech recognition results, which are still around 80 to 90 percent correct. Users can edit the results by clicking on the actual subtitle while playing, or use the synchronized scrolling table on the left.

Searching is fast, and it may happen even while footage plays. Users can click on the results to play the resulting subclips containing the search query. The app is built in a modern pattern allowing to play, search and edit all at the same time without stopping any of the tasks.
Igor Jovcevski developed the app using Qt C++, and it works on both Windows and Mac systems. Edit8 is currently in its beta stage. Early pricing models will be $29.99 per month for 200 minutes. Custom pricing is also available.