Editors' Lounge panel looks toward NAB 2017
April 20, 2017

Editors' Lounge panel looks toward NAB 2017

BURBANK, CA — Burbank based AlphaDogs Post Production recently hosted its 14th Annual Editors’ Lounge (www.editorslounge.com) Pre-NAB/Post HPA discussion panel with an analysis of all things post production. Moderated by journalist Debra Kaufman, panelists included: Terence Curren (editor/colorist and founder of AlphaDogs Post), Mark Raudonis (SVP of post production, Bunim/Murray Productions), Norman Hollyn (editor, Heathers, Wild Palms and professor at USC), Michael Kammes (director of technology, Key Code Media, host of 5 Things).

The evening began with a discussion on whether it’s still relevant to attend National Association of Broadcasters show in the digital age considering most product announcements are now made online weeks ahead of the show and more vendors are no longer exhibiting. It was agreed that the real importance of continued attendance at NAB now lies in the face-to-face meetings with people from across the globe you would never get the chance to meet otherwise. 

According to Hollyn, “I think if you just go and walk the floor, you haven’t made real use of what NAB can do. Do the hallway stuff, find out where the parties are and hang out at the right restaurants.”

Things to look for at NAB this year, said Raudonis and his 6 Things presentation (a spin-off of Michael Kammes 5 THINGS series) include: One NLE to rule them all, 4K being the new HD, Live from anywhere, Next Gen TV (ATSC 3.0), HDR for everyone and, finally, smaller, faster, cheaper technology.

HDR continues to be the Wild West with no set standards in place that everyone agrees on and not all devices support the various versions of HDR content being produced. 4K is becoming more mainstream, but still has the same challenges as before with lack of bandwidth and costing more to deliver, particularly when it comes to visual effects where 4K severely impacts the budget. Panelists agreed 4K is most useful when it comes to acquisition and not as cost efficient when it comes to post production or distribution.

The newest technology on the horizon that’s sure to be the buzz at NAB this year is the new broadcast standard known as Next Gen TV Hub powered by ATSC 3.0. The new standard will support mobile television, 4K UHD, HDR, high frame rate and wide color gamut. When ATSC 3.0 officially goes into effect it will mean higher resolutions and multiple versioning of projects. This will add a new level of complexity to how post production is delivered, likely making it harder and more complicated. It’s important for editors to be aware that the world of post production is changing faster than expected. Being prepared and knowledgeable about what’s coming out of the edit bay will be more important than it’s ever been.

Looking ahead, the future of film and television editing will be greatly impacted by machine learning, often referred to as artificial intelligence or AI.

“You’ve got to be crazy if you think that you’re not going to be working with, or in competition with, a computer in the future. You’ve got your head buried in the sand if that’s what you believe,” said Raudonis.

Learning how to code or at the very least having a comfort level with it, as well as having some foresight on how you can leverage these new tools and have the digital overlords work for you and not the other way around is a good way to approach the robotic revolution.

“If your job can be taught to someone in three to five days, it’s more than likely going to become automated,” chimed in audience member Philip Hodgetts with Lumberjack System. In order to have a long prosperous career, it’s becoming imperative that you become really good telling emotionally compelling stories. Focusing more on the creative aspect and less on the technical is key when it comes to remaining successful in the new age of film and television editing.

Additional topics discussed throughout the evening included the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality and why one is sure to be more successful than the other, the future of Avid, and how to market yourself through social media and personal Websites to find the next gig.

To watch the Pre-NAB panel discussion in its entirety visit https://youtu.be/8M9pJyU9p6s.