releases major update to review & collaboration platform
April 13, 2017 releases major update to review & collaboration platform

NEW YORK — Video review and collaboration platform developer ( has unveiled 2.0, a massive upgrade that boasts more than 100 new features and improvements. The new release takes a gig step forward in media sharing and client collaboration, bringing speed and simplicity with brand new client review pages, a new capability that expands content review and sharing. In addition, the new release boasts deeper workflow integration with Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer, plus a completely re-engineered player.

“ 2 is based on everything we’ve learned from our customers over the past two years and includes our most requested features,” says Emery Wells, CEO of 

At the NAB show in Las Vegas, is showing the new release in action at the G-Technology booth. Review pages now give clients the same commenting powers as collaborators, without exposing them to the full interface. Settings are highly configurable to meet any one customer’s specific needs, including workflow controls (approvals), security (password protection, setting expiration date), and communication (including a personalized message for the client). Eliminating confusing email threads, the friction-free review pages workflow simplifies the exchange of ideas, consolidating feedback in a succinct manner, ensuring editors and artists have the input they need to perfect the project. For those using Adobe Premiere or After Effects, thoughts flow directly into the timeline, where users can immediately take action and upload a new version.

Client review pages are also now available in the iOS app, allowing content creators, artists, clients and other stakeholders to collaborate remotely. 2.0 boasts new workflow improvements across the board. Exporting and importing comments and annotations into Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer is now easier than before, with the upgraded, free desktop companion app, which allows users to open downloaded comment files and bring them into the editor as markers. 

Users can also now copy and paste comments from one version to another, ensuring feedback is never lost. Also new to 2.0 is a SMPTE-compliant source timecode display that works with both non-drop and drop frame timecode. 

The 2.0 Player page has gotten a major makeover, and now offers greater navigation, efficiency and accountability. New comment heads allow artists to visually see who left a comment and where, so they can easily and quickly find and prioritize feedback on any given project. Users can also preview the next comment, allowing them to fully grasp feedback, saving them time when one comment affects another.

The brand new 2.0 dashboard has been redesigned from the ground up for speed and simplicity. Manage collaborators for any given project from the all-new collaborator panel, where adding an entire team to a project is just a click away. Copying and moving assets between projects is simple and takes up no additional storage, even when users make thousands of copies of a clip or project. 2.0 also now offers the ability to publish direct to Vimeo, with full control over publishing options.