Hawk-Woods bringing compact, powerful batteries to IBC
August 21, 2017

Hawk-Woods bringing compact, powerful batteries to IBC

KENT, UK — Hawk-Woods will be at the IBC show in Amsterdam next month with its new Mini V-Lok, a small battery that delivers up to 150wh. The unit is flight-safe and available in two sizes: 100Wh and 150Wh. Capable of powering cameras, monitors, lights and other types of broadcast equipment, the Mini V-Lok can be used in tandem with an optional dual, hot-swappable adaptor, delivering up to 300wh of power. 

Mini V-Lok was developed as an alternative to standard, travel-size batteries for power-hungry broadcast equipment. “Ordinary batteries have to be swapped out every hour or so,” explains Hawk-Woods sales manager Jason Stewart. “Mini V-Lok is also an improvement over stackable batteries that result in cameras carrying lots of dead weight.”

Hawk-Woods will be demonstrating Mini V-Lok for the first time at IBC 2017. The company will also showcase several other new and updated products. The VL-AS1 is a new V-Lok fitting for Atomos monitors used with Shogun Flame and Inferno systems. The adaptor fits into the monitor’s original battery compartment and uses a dual, dummy MDV fitting to accommodate a V-Lok battery. It also includes two power-con outputs that are well suited for powering transmitter/receivers and other accessories. Also being shown for the first time at IBC will be VL-AS2, a V-Lok adaptor for the new 19-inch Atomos Sumo monitor.

In the United States, Hawk-Woods (www.hawkwoods.co.uk) products are available through Manios Digital & Film.