Jimmy Helm promoted to editor at The Colonie
July 21, 2017

Jimmy Helm promoted to editor at The Colonie

CHICAGO — The Colonie (www.thecolonie.com), the Chicago-based editorial, visual effect and motion graphics shop, has  promoted Jimmy Helm to editor. He’s been honing his craft by working alongside The Colonie’s senior editors for the past seven years, and most recently managed ongoing social media work with Facebook, Inc. Client work has also included jobs for Lyft, Dos Equis, Capital One, Heineken and Microsoft.

A filmmaking major at Columbia College Chicago, Helm applied for an internship at The Colonie in 2010. Six months later he was offered a full-time position as an assistant editor, working alongside veteran cutter Tom Pastorelle on commercials for brands such as McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, Quaker and Wrangler. During this time, Helm edited numerous projects on his own, including broadcast commercials for Centrum and Kay Jewelers. 
In 2014, Helm was promoted to senior assistant editor and continued to hone his editing skills while taking on a leadership role. His keen creative sensibility and versatility earned him accolades at AICE’s annual Camp Kuleshov editing competition in 2014 and 2015. 

“It’s been wonderful watching Jimmy grow, both as a creative editor and as a leader,” says Mary Caddy, executive producer and partner at The Colonie. “He brings an instinct, fresh aesthetic and attention to detail to every project. Jimmy’s a kind, easy-going, resourceful talent that both co-workers and clients love working with.”
“My passion for visual storytelling began when I was young,” adds Helm. “Growing up in Memphis, I spent a great deal of time watching classic films by great directors. I realize now that I was doing more than watching, I was studying their techniques and particularly their editing styles. When you’re editing a scene, there’s something addictive about the rhythm you create and the drama you build. I love that I get to do it every day.”