Kiwa Digital aims to simplify ADR & dubbing
January 3, 2017

Kiwa Digital aims to simplify ADR & dubbing

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND — Kiwa Digital ( has launched The VoiceQ Democracy Series, a new software tool ( that speeds up the dialogue creation and replacement process. 

“Historically high-quality synchronization for dubbing and ADR could only be achieved by specialized professionals working at enterprise level,” says CEO Steven Renata. “We are now in a new digital era with overwhelming demand for high-quality media that can only be met by placing new software solutions in the hands of the masses. This in turn will shatter the industry bottleneck. Democratizing ADR and dubbing delivery is a core value for us. The first bridge that needs to be built is the one that brings people closer, the one that breaks all communication barriers, the strongest and most important: Language.” 

VoiceQ 2.0/3.0 is compatible with OS X 10.9/10/11.5 and Pro Tools 9/10/11/12 as an integrated dubbing and ADR solution. The AutoSync Assistant is a built-in script processor designed to minimize the time it takes for users to import text along the VoiceQ timeline. The AutoSync Assistant has a built-in voice recognition engine that can match imported script text to a supported media file. The recognition engine finds appropriate audio segments and matches the imported text using an advanced system. Once completed technicians can use a simple structure to check that segments match up and make changes to the text.

The AutoSync Assistant can also be used for multilingual projects. The AutoSync tool will use speech region detection to easily sort your speech audio so users can easily assign text lines to audio. Users can also opt out of using recognition and match segments manually. 

Kiwa is offering a trial version of Voiceq.