Lumenati employs Cinebody to produce yoga Web series
November 13, 2017

Lumenati employs Cinebody to produce yoga Web series

DENVER — Lumenati (, a Denver-based production company, recently produced more than 50 pieces of content for Yoga Journal’s Live Be Yoga Tour Web series. The package was produced over a six-month span and was created without the need for a traditional camera crew. Instead, the team used Cinebody, a new software that streamlines content creation and helps expedite the post production process.

“With Cinebody, the yogis became the film crew,” explains Brad Conner, head of production for Lumenati. “Everything they filmed through the iPhone app automatically uploaded to the cloud, where we could view it and start editing immediately. We could creatively direct them through the app, and even send push notifications to ensure we got everything needed to make a great piece of content.”

As the two yogis traveled across the United States from April to October, Lumenati directed them through Cinebody (, an online video collaboration platform, and produced multiple pieces of engaging content each week to promote the tour on social media. Because the yogis also acted as the cinematographers, each episode provided an in-depth and authentic perspective at yoga culture throughout the nation.

"I am extremely particular with the content that I present and was thoroughly impressed with the quality that Cinebody provided," notes Rosie Acosta, one of the yogis on the tour. “I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to use!”

Lumenati worked on the 2016 tour, as well, but with a more traditional approach. A hired cinematographer joined the yogis on the road to film all the content that Lumenati edited, but the cost and logistics of traditional production on the road proved challenging. Hard drives of footage had to be shipped back and forth, and the timeliness of the content release couldn’t keep pace with the team while they were in-market.

“When Lumenati presented Cinebody to me at the end of the 2016 tour, I knew it was perfect for the 2017 tour,” notes Greg Brenton, executive director at Active Interest Media (AIM), owner of the Yoga Journal and the Live Be Yoga Tour. “It saved us money, saved us time and produced a wealth of engaging content for us to tell the story of our six-month tour. We couldn’t have done the 2017 Tour without Cinebody, and we will definitely be using it with Lumenati again.”