Music Video: KCPK — <I>The End</I>
November 21, 2017

Music Video: KCPK — The End

French electronica artists KCPK recently collaborated with director Loic Andrieu on the music video for their latest track, The End. Andrieu, who is known for his darkly-cinematic shorts, created a hellish future world that haunts a high-school girl.

The End is an electro dark-wave track that features the soft vocals of British folk singer/songwriter Cooper Rose. The video was shot by cinematographer Nicolas Loir and features visual effects by French Flame artist/VFX supervisor David Danesi ( Jackie, The Artist). In The End, Andrieu shows a tormented teenager, who struggles with relationships involving her mother and an unreciprocated romantic obsession. The video pays homage to the ‘90s coming-of-age movies with its use of props, fashion design and art direction.

The End was shot using an Arri Alexa Amira XT/Amira Raw to create a cinematic, anamorphic effect. Grégoire Giral, co-founder of Soldats, the production company behind the video, edited the project using a Mac Pro workstation running Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. 

Five months was spent on pre-production for the project, and the shoot spanned four days. Post production then took approximately five months. The edit was completed in three weeks, while  work on the visual effects took four months.

“Overall it was a very challenging project,” notes the director. “The [VFX were] especially challenging.” The wave and stadium effects were all created in 3D, and the flock of birds were added via compositing. The fencing scenes, in their black space, were achieved through rotoscoping techniques.