Quantum addresses 4K workflows with StorNext & Xcellis
July 28, 2017

Quantum addresses 4K workflows with StorNext & Xcellis

LOS ANGELES — San Jose’s Quantum (www.quantum.com) is featuring the new release of its workflow storage platform, StorNext 6, as well as its Xcellis workflow storage solutions at this year’s SIGGRAPH 2017 show in LA.

Quantum is highlighting the combination of StorNext and the performance of all-flash arrays to get the most out of both technologies. According to the company, StorNext enables users to maximize workflow efficiency — with flash, it meets or exceeds the needs of demanding workflows, with use cases such as visual effects, color correction, or high-end compositing and finishing deriving the greatest benefit.

Quantum is highlighting its new 4K reference architectures that the company reports were created from exhaustive real-world 4K testing and suitably scaled for facilities from small to large. In the testing, all Xcellis solutions were validated under intense 4K workloads, reflecting capabilities for streaming 4K to collaborative teams of content creators. The testing included characterization of large- and small-form-factor disk drives and all-flash arrays in different configurations of compressed and uncompressed 4K formats. The resulting reference architectures have been tuned to deliver predictable stream-count workloads for the full range of 4K formats.

Xcellis was recently enhanced with lab-validated 4K reference architectures for facilities of all sizes and including all-flash storage configurations intended to maximize performance for demanding creative workflows. According to Quantum, Xcellis is equipped with the power to support multistream 4K workflows, designed to allow creative teams to produce richer animation, visual effects and virtual reality content more quickly and cost-effectively.

“As the demand for higher-quality content increases in the areas of VFX, animation and VR, creative facilities face increasing pressure to ensure their storage environment can keep up with this change,” says Dave Frederick, senior director for media and entertainment at Quantum. “Our StorNext-powered workflow storage solutions address these challenges for our customers, regardless of the format and resolution in which they work.”