Radiant Images showcases VR solutions at Cine Gear
June 6, 2017

Radiant Images showcases VR solutions at Cine Gear

LOS ANGELES — At Cine Gear Expo 2017 at Paramount in Hollywood, Radiant Images (www.radiantimages.com) showed a number of its VR solutions as well as presented a 360 livestream of the event. Radiant Images is a provider of 2D, 360 and immersive technology solutions. At the show, they partnered with Nokia, Voysys, HEAR360 and Finwe to create and broadcast an enhanced 360 livestream.

“We’ve reached a point in the development of virtual reality where we’re now focused on helping content creators achieve something more, what you might call ‘bigger than life’ reality, which integrates mixed realities with cinematic cameras and volumetric capture and other 360 solutions that enables them to expand their imaginations even further, no limits,” said Radiant Co-founder Michael Mansouri. 

Powered by Nokia’s OZO Live, the live broadcast integrated a full 360 experience, captured by Nokia OZO cameras, with 2D elements, using  picture-in-picture technology rendered by Voysys VR Producer and spatial audio from Hear360. Viewers were able to feel and hear the excitement of the Paramount Lot’s New York Street in 360 while putting them inside seminars or up close to gear in booths on the exhibition floor via live 2D feeds. 

The live broadcasts were available for streaming on multiple platforms, including Facebook Live 360, You Tube Live, Twitter/Periscope 360, Apple TV, on the homepages of the Cine Gear and Radiant Images Websites, and via Finwe’s new LiveSYNC App for Apple IOS and Android devices. Radiant Images also presented “VR Cameras A-Z,” a alphabetical, rapid-fire rundown of methods and cameras used in 360 capture and virtual reality, ranging from single-camera 360 video to multi-camera volumetric and light field camera capture. 

Camera systems and technology on display included AXA Sony, Nokia OZO, AXA Blackmagic, Mobius 2.0 POV, Z Cam SI Pro, Insta360 Pro & Nano, Jaunt One, 360 underwater solutions and the GoPro Omni.