SGO draws from Mistika technology to offer dedicated workflow tools
Marc Loftus
April 4, 2017

SGO draws from Mistika technology to offer dedicated workflow tools

MADRID, SPAIN — SGO ( is drawing from its established Mistika technology to introduce new pipeline tools that will be more accessible to the post community as a whole. The company’s Mistika system, which began development back in 1996 and first appeared as a product in 2001, is an all-in-one, Linux-based post production solution capable of performing editing, compositing, color grading, 3D, VR and finishing. At NAB, SGO is “slicing” the system into tools that address different and specific post functions.

SGO CEO Miguel Angel Doncel says the company has been working since last fall’s IBC show to deliver new workflow products based on technology from the all-in-one Mistika Ultima. SGO’s Geoff Mills adds that the company’s work with director Peter Jackson on The Hobbit helped recognize the need for specific pipeline tools. The Mistika Ultima was used for dailies, conform, stereo correction and DI on the feature film.

“We’re now going to have specific applications for that workflow,” notes Mills, pointing to Mistika VR, the first dedicated release from the company. Mistika VR offers realtime optical flow stitching, taking camera position information and sequencing and  stitching footage together in realtime. The result is what Mills says could be a “game changer,” taking just hours to complete what normally requires weeks of time.

The company is also going to be offering the new Mistika tools as Mac and Windows releases, making them more attainable to a wider audience. And a pay-per-use model will also help broaden their use.

As SGO develops these specific tools, they will then be integrated back into the Mistika Ultima turnkey solution, making sure the suite benefits from all of the company’s developments. Mills says pros will see Mistika Color and Mistika Conform releases in the near future.

SGO is also highlighting Mistika Insight at NAB, the free educational tool than enables students and freelancers to learn how to use Mistika technology. Interested parties can sign up at the SGO booth, and see further example of the company’s workflow technology at the Quantum and Canon booths.