SGO shows Mistika's workflow flexibility & VR features
September 18, 2017

SGO shows Mistika's workflow flexibility & VR features

AMSTERDAM — Madrid, Spain’s SGO was at IBC2017 with the latest developments to Mistika Ultima, the company’s turnkey solution for finishing. SGO also showed Mistika VR with new Stereo 3D functionality, and the recently-launched free education software, Mistika Insight. In addition, SGO showed a preview of Mistika FX as part of the natively integrated workflow with Mistika VR.

Mistika Ultima’s latest features include those for UHD/HDR and simultaneous output to SDR and HDR displays from Canon. Also available is Mistika Co-Pilot, a recently-unveiled, free-of-charge assistant to Mistika Ultima.

Already armed with Stereo 3D tools, the Mistika development team has been working on Mistika VR with Stereo 3D functionality. Now available for download, key features include VR 360 support with VR mode, improved stitching, new shapes and lens distortion effects, as well as the ability to view effects for compositing in a VR environment. 

SGO has also introduced two new edit functions, one being used to align clips by audio or by timecode and the other to bypass capabilities to mute selected effects. This latest version has been designed and developed to significantly improve workflow efficiency and optimize creative workspaces.

When using Mistika Ultima with the Immersive Reality Toolset, which has combined Stereo 3D and VR features, users have the ability to stream live video content over a network, including LAN, WiFi, Internet, or via multiple VR headsets.  

In order to educate the next generation of post production creatives, SGO recently launched its education and training solution Mistika Insight. The software-based tool features the same functionality as the Mistika Ultima hero suite and offers individuals the opportunity to learn about advanced SGO technology through hands-on experience, Webinars and online tutorials.

“Since introducing our natively integrated approach through the multi-dimensional workflow concept earlier this year at NAB, and with the release and overwhelming acceptance of Mistika VR, we have seen very significant interest in Mistika technology and the boundless opportunities it brings,“ states Geoff Mills, managing director, SGO. “Going to IBC and showcasing game changing developments, such as the new Stereo 3D functionality in Mistika VR, as well as revealing Mistika Insight for the first time since its public availability is hugely exciting for us and our customers.”