Sound Lounge partners with Editbar to offer remote audio post
January 24, 2017

Sound Lounge partners with Editbar to offer remote audio post

NEW YORK — Audio post company Sound Lounge ( has introduced a new offering — Sound Lounge Everywhere — a remote audio post/sound mixing service. The mission behind Sound Lounge Everywhere is to provide clients with the comforts of a mixing studio and seamless remote connection to Sound Lounge artists, along with video and audio for realtime sessions.

The studio has partnered with Boston-based creative editorial company Editbar, who will manage the Sound Lounge Everywhere technology. The custom hardware allows Sound Lounge to stream high-quality audio and video from its New York office to Boston with virtually zero latency. Clients will be able to view their spots live while talent records in Sound Lounge’s New York office. The technology also allows clients to speak face-to-face with the sound mixers.
“We believe that geography is now an opportunity rather than a boundary, and we’re excited to work with new brands and agencies in this unique fashion,” says Marshall Grupp, partner, COO and sound designer at Sound Lounge. “We’re leading a new era in remote mixing, and our custom technology enables us to offer an unmatched level of streaming quality for our clients.”
Sound Lounge and Editbar are also joining forces with creative studio Nice Shoes to offer color services, along with sound and creative editorial under the same roof. Editbar’s clients will also have access to Sound Lounge’s mixing capabilities, providing their clients with the best audio post services for their needs.