StormStock capturing Hurricane Irma footage
September 7, 2017

StormStock capturing Hurricane Irma footage

ARLINGTON, TX — StormStock, a stock footage collection specializing in severe weather since 1993, is covering the impact of major Category 5 Hurricane Irma as it approaches the US. It’s a quick turnaround for the team, which just returned from filming Hurricane Harvey, now the costliest storm in US history.

Irma has already established itself as one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever recorded, with sustained winds of 185 mph, and gusts to 225 mph. 

“She is a ‘perfect storm,’ meteorologically speaking,” says StormStock founder and veteran storm chaser, Martin Lisius. “Given the wind strength, it qualifies as a Category 6 storm, a level that does not officially exist. Not only is Irma exhibiting intense winds, but also very low barometric pressure and exceptional symmetry. From an impact perspective, it’s essentially a massive EF5 tornado accompanied by tsunami like seas”.

The new Irma material will available for licensing through StormStock at