VideoBlocks launches artist-friendly Photo Marketplace
April 24, 2017

VideoBlocks launches artist-friendly Photo Marketplace

RESTON, VA — VideoBlocks ( the subscription-based provider of royalty-free stock media, has launched its artist-friendly stock Photo Marketplace, which will reward photo contributors with 100 percent commission from their sales. On a mission to democratize stock media and provide creative content that everyone can afford, VideoBlocks’ new Marketplace will be comprised of images sourced from the industry’s most talented photographers and content creators.
Given the high demand for stock photos by its members, with more than half of customers downloading photos in just the past year, VideoBlocks sees this new product as the logical next step in expanding its existing service offerings and providing the mass creative community with access to the highest quality, and most affordable, stock media available.
“The success of our Video Marketplace, helping artists earn more through our unrivaled 100% commissions, as well as the incredible choice and savings we have passed on to our members, gave us the confidence that we could build a truly different kind of Photo Marketplace,” says TJ Leonard, CEO of VideoBlocks. “Our members told us they were fed up with expiring credits and pricing schemes that required a calculator to figure out what you were paying for an image. They wanted a simple, affordable, on demand photo solution. What better way to do this than to open it up to our talented, creative community to contribute? With this model, everyone wins.”
The new Photo Marketplace will mirror the business model and success of its Video Marketplace predecessor. Launched in 2015, the Video Marketplace has given back more than $6 million by providing 100 percent commission to content creators. It has built a library of over four million videos years faster than its predecessors, and VideoBlocks’ over 200,000 members enjoy a 40 percent discount on the entire archive.