Dell debuts new entry-level Precision workstations
July 12, 2018

Dell debuts new entry-level Precision workstations

ROUND ROCK, TX — Dell ( has introduced a powerful 1U rack workstation and several new tower workstations that are geared toward companies of all sizes and budgets. Built with customer feedback in mind, the Dell Precision 3930 Rack delivers powerful performance in a compact industrial footprint. The 1U height delivers better rack density, extended operating temperatures and features such as short depth, dust filters and legacy ports that allow it to integrate easily into complex workflows.
With the debut of Intel Xeon E processors and recently introduced 8th generation Intel Core processors, the rack provides up to 64GB of 2666MHz DDR4 memory. In addition the Intel Xeon E processor supports Error Correcting Code (ECC) for increased reliability. The rack offers best-in-class workstation performance and provides the flexibility of up to 250W of doublewide GPUs, and scalability with up to 24TB of storage. With 3 PCIe slots, including an optional PCI slot, this rack workstation can tackle complex tasks with ease.
A range of Nvidia Quadro professional GPUs are available. With the Quadro P6000, users benefit from 24GB of GDDR5X and powerful ultra-high-end graphics performance. In addition, customers have the option to choose from a range AMD Radeon Pro graphics.
Dell has purpose-built their new entry-level workstations to fuel the future of innovation across engineering design, science, mathematics and other data- and graphics-intensive fields. Having a highly powerful machine no longer requires having a large work space or a large budget, making this level of performance available to many companies and workers for the first time.
The Dell Precision 3630 Tower is 23 percent smaller than the previous generation with more expandability. It features a range of easy-to-reach ports that make it possible to connect to external data sources and storage devices. As workstation users often create IP, Dell will also offer an optional Smart Card (CAC/PIV) reader to make secure data management easier. The system features 8th Generation Intel Core i and new professional-grade Xeon E processors with faster memory speeds up to 2666MHz 64GB and offers up to 225W of graphics support. The Precision 3630 Tower offers scalable storage featuring SATA and PCIe NVMe SSDs, which can be configured for up to 14TB with RAID support.
The new Dell Precision 3430 small form factor tower offers many of the same benefits as the Precision 3630, but in an even smaller form factor and with up to 55W of graphics support. It’s also expandable, with up to 6TB of storage with RAID support.

Dell also introduced support for Intel Core X-series processors in addition to the Intel Xeon W processor options already available on the Dell Precision 5820 tower. These new processor options bring the enhanced performance and reliability of a workstation at a more affordable price point for customers.
On all new Dell Precision 3000 series workstations, adding Intel Optane memory keeps responsiveness high and high-capacity storage costs lower. Customers can expect the same build quality and reliability of the Dell Precision line. 

The Dell Precision 3430 small form factor tower starts at $649 and is now available. The Dell Precision 3630 tower starts at $649 and is also now available. The Dell Precision 3930 Rack starts at $899 and will be available starting July 26th. The Dell Precision 5820 Tower workstation is available today.