Digital Anarchy plug-in handles transcription within Premiere Pro
February 9, 2018

Digital Anarchy plug-in handles transcription within Premiere Pro

BRISBANE, CA — Digital Anarchy ( recently released Transcriptive, an automated, intelligent transcription plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro. Specifically designed to automatically transcribe video, Transcriptive uses multiple speech and natural language processing engines to achieve a 95 percent accuracy rate. This makes Transcriptive a powerful and cost-effective tool for generating closed captions, sub-titles, and metadata for search engine optimization. Having all the speech in a video turned into text also allows editors to easily search an entire video for words and phrases.

“Most transcription today is done manually; it’s extremely time consuming and very expensive,” says Jim Tierney, president of Digital Anarchy. “Transcriptive’s AI services generate accurate transcripts in minutes and for just pennies. In fact, you can transcribe 60 minutes of video in about 10 minutes for under $4.00, all without leaving Premiere Pro. It’s a massive leap forward in post production.”

Transcriptive gives users the option to use two different speech engines to automatically and accurately transcribe video with much less human interaction. It features speaker identification, time code, text edit capabilities and other tools to make it a simple process for video editors and producers. In addition, Transcriptive has the ability to transcribe 18 different languages. 

The plug-in’s seamless integration with Premiere Pro allows users to stay within one program. Additionally, Transcriptive makes it possible to use transcription results to search video within Premiere Pro, enabling keyword searches for specific words or phrases spoken in videos. Transcriptive also includes an improved search panel that makes searching easier and more reliable within Premiere Pro. Once the transcriptions are complete, editors can either use them within Premiere or export them as .srt, .stl, or .vtt files for use in other applications.

Pricing for the plug-in is $299, and customers using the Watson Speech Service without speaker identification receive 1,000 free minutes per month.