Director/VFX specialist Alejandro Damiani joins Gloria
November 26, 2018

Director/VFX specialist Alejandro Damiani joins Gloria

LOS ANGELES — Gloria (, the Los Angeles- and Mexico-based branded entertainment production company, has strengthened its roster by signing filmmaker and VFX specialist, Alejandro Damiani. He brings an extensive background and expertise in visual effects, industrial design, post production, creative directing and filmmaking.

Damiani has conveyed his craft and storytelling vision across multiple platforms, from his captivating commercial work for Gandhi Bookstores and Sears, to his visceral title sequence for Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake. He also created the politically charged, pro-immigration-themed sci-fi short M.A.M.O.N (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide), which has screened in more than 200 film festivals and seen success online.

Throughout his career, Damiani has showcased his versatility and hands-on approach to each project, whether wearing dual hats as a VFX supervisor and director on a variety of films and spots, as a creative director at VFX/creative studio Aparato in his native Uruguay, or being deeply involved in the production design process from the start.

While VFX has played a pivotal role in his work, Damiani says that it serves as more of a natural element rather than the driving force of the narrative. “VFX provide a great visual opportunity, but I think that they cannot be the core of any story,” he explains. “That’s why I try to utilize them organically throughout. The fact that I have experience with VFX makes me able to choose the exact moment in which to use them, so I can primarily focus on the real elements like the actors, the timing and cinematography. I always try to avoid the phrase, ‘We’ll fix it in post production.’ You have to get it right before post production, and let the visual effects be the catalyst to get the production to another level. To me, VFX is not a problem to solve, but another element, an invisible asset that naturally manifests in my mind.”

Along with his Gloria-related work, Damiani is currently involved in several other projects, including directing the Latino comedy feature film Upgraded for Fox and writing and producing an as-yet-untitled TV series he describes as a “dark comedy with supernatural drama.”