Full service post facility Cinematic Media opens in Mexico City
November 27, 2018

Full service post facility Cinematic Media opens in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY — Cinematic Media (www.cinematicmedia-mx.com), a full-service post production finishing facility focused exclusively on television and cinema content, has launched in Mexico City. Located on the lot at Estudios GGM, the new facility offers dailies, look development, editorial finishing, color grading and other services, and aims to capitalize on booming entertainment media production in Mexico and throughout Central and South America. 

Industry veteran Scot Evans leads Cinematic Media as chief executive officer, bringing more than 25 years of post production experience to his new role. Evans has managed large scale post operations in the United States, Mexico and Canada in the past. His recent posts include serving as executive VP at Technicolor PostWorks, New York, managing director of Technicolor, Vancouver, and managing director of Moving Picture Company (MPC), Mexico City.

Ana Montano, Cyntia Navarro, Oliver De Gante, Gabriel Kerlegand & Humberto Flores

One of Cinematic Media’s first jobs is providing finishing services for the second season of the Netflix series Ingobernable.

“We’re excited about the future for entertainment production in Mexico,” Evans observes. “Netflix opened the door and now Amazon is in Mexico. We expect film production to also grow. Through its geographic location, strong infrastructure and cinematic history, Mexico is well-positioned to become a strong producer of content for the world market.”

The team at Cinematic Media includes managing director Arturo Sedano, who will oversee day-to-day operations; senior colorist Ana Montano; producer and post supervisor Cyntia Navarro; chief technology officer Oliver De Gante; technical director Gabriel Kerlegand; and coordinator & senior conform editor Humberto Flores.

The new studio is home to a digital intermediate theater with DaVinci Resolve; 4K projection with 7.1 surround sound; four color suites supporting 2K, 4K and HDR; multiple editorial finishing suites; and a Colorfront on-set dailies system. The facility also offers look development services to assist productions in creating end-to-end color pipelines, as well as quality control and deliverable services for streaming, broadcast and cinema. Plans are in the works to add visual effects services too.

“We can handle six or seven series simultaneously,” says Evans. “There is a lot of redundancy built into our pipeline, making it incredibly efficient and virtually eliminating downtime. A lot of facilities in Hollywood would be envious of what we have here.”

Cinematic Media offers high-speed connectivity via the private Sohonet network. It will be employed to share media with studios, producers and distributors around the globe securely and efficiently. Sohonet will also be used to facilitate remote collaboration with directors, cinematographers, editors, colorists and other production partners.

Cinematic Media’s location within Estudios GGM provides access to six sound stages, production and editorial office space, grip and lighting resources, and more.

“We can literally walk down a flight of stairs to support a project shooting on one of the stages,” Evans observes. “Proximity is important. We expect many productions to locate their offices and editorial teams here.”