IdeaMachine completes package of white-board animation videos
Marc Loftus
May 31, 2018

IdeaMachine completes package of white-board animation videos

BROOKLYN, NY — IdeaMachine Studio ( recently teamed up with Advocates for Youth to create a series of informative short videos for the organization’s YouTube channel, Amaze ( Advocates for Youth promote sexual education for young people. The white-board videos are aimed at providing young people with facts about a number of topics, including sexual assault, HIV, rejection and healthy relationships.

Each of the videos uses a whiteboard animation style, with simple line drawings to illustrate their respective topic. The videos feature animations of friendy middle school-aged students, who often are not familiar with all of the facts regarding these topics. The animation style uses both imagery and text to explain the nuances of each topic.

While IdeaMachine also has a San Francisco studio, all of the Amaze videos were produced  at the company’s Brooklyn location. Each video runs approximately two minutes and took five weeks to complete. 

Writer/director Rich Chapple coordinated a team of actors and voiceover talent to bring the characters to life. After a few phone conservations about the project, they recorded and sent their files over for inclusion. Chapple performed the editing and mixing.

The studio created the videos using the Adobe Creative Suite, with artwork and character animation being created in Flash, and compositing taking place in After Effects. Adobe Premiere was used for final edits.

In addition to Chapple, IdeaMachine’s credits on the package include art director, Zach Leo; lead animator, Daniella Keihely and account lead, Justin Lee.