MTI Film shows improvements to Cortex and DRS Nova
September 17, 2018

MTI Film shows improvements to Cortex and DRS Nova

AMSTERDAM — At IBC 2018, MTI Film ( demonstrated the latest versions of Cortex Enterprise, its multifaceted toolset for post production, as well as DRS Nova, the company’s digital film restoration software.

Cortex V.5.0.2 includes several new and enhanced features to support the latest workflows and delivery mediums. Users can now playout media directly from Cortex, using HDR media and Dolby Vision metadata, to consumer monitors that support Dolby Vision.

For projects mastered in HDR10, Cortex provides the ability to simultaneously perform shot detection and process Dolby Vision analysis in faster than realtime. The result is a Dolby Vision master that can be rendered to IMF or employed as an SDR source using the content mapping generated through the analysis. It also provides the ability to edit metadata tracks to sync or resync to corresponding media.

An integrated software CMU takes the place of expensive CMU hardware, providing dual video ourputs.

Cortex Enterprise now includes DPP IMF packaging, including OPL and additional sidecar file support.  DPP, Digital Production Partnership, is the favored European format for delivery of HD and UHD IMF packages principally employing ProRes as the media of choice. Cortex Enterprise endeavors to support all aspects of the AS-11 family of vendor and broadcaster neutral packages, eliminating interoperability issues.

The recently introduced DRS Nova V.4 includes GPU acceleration for improved performance across all features. Standard features of DRS Nova include MTI Film’s proprietary digital film restoration algorithm, powerful project management, and tools for automatically fixing printer mis-lights, dust and debris, stabilization problems, grain and noise, blurring, and color mis-registration.

New tools in V.4 include DRS Replace, the ability to create up to three frames from adjoining frames; DRS Color, for changing the color of fixes created in DRS Tool; and Auto Stabilization, which allows users to stabilize a range of images with a single click.

Performance has been improved for faster playback of DPX, TIFF and EXR files. A Paint Restore feature allows user to paint from one clip to another to restore original values. And a Zonal De-flicker feature helps eliminate zonal flicker via a simple interface.