Megatrax taps composer Chris Hajian for 'Documentary' album
September 10, 2018

Megatrax taps composer Chris Hajian for 'Documentary' album

NORTH HOLLYWOOD — Composer Chris Hajian lent his talent for documentary scoring to Megatrax’s The Scene catalog for its latest album, “Documentary 2.” Hajian has written several hundred tracks for Megatrax ( over the years, so when the call came in to create something new for the library’s underscore catalog, the composer had no hesitations. 

The Scene collection offers dramatic atmospheres, motivational energy, authentic rock and pop, and exciting eclectic genres designed for commercials, film, promos and television programming. “Documentary 2” includes a diverse palette of soundtracks and moods, ranging from mysterious to inspirational, which are well suited for storytelling.

“Ron Mendelsohn has always been very excited by my documentary scores,” says Hajian (pictured). “I have a long history of composing original scores for some highly-acclaimed documentaries. We have been discussing for some time now how I could write some tracks in a documentary style for Megatrax. I was honored when Ron asked me to create an entire album of dramatic compositions. The goal was to put my original documentary sound into a release that would fit many different dramatic applications for the library.”

The new album allowed Hajian to take his original sound and explore how far he could push himself to create a cohesive album for a variety of placements. 

“Because I always compose cues specifically for dialogue and voiceovers, my nuanced style of writing allows any of these tracks to fit well under all narrative applications,” he explains. “Documentaries, film, docudramas, promos, current events, investigative stories and many other underscore applications are where this album should be focused. I believe editors will find many uses – some even surprising – for these cues.”

Some of Hajian’s favorite tracks from the album include “The Untold Story,” “Resolute Journey” and “The Voyage of Time.”

His other work for Megatrax includes Inspiration 2, Hip and Quirky 5, Cool Commercials 4 and Electro Drama.