Music Video: Isabella — <I>More Than Words</I>
Marc Loftus
December 14, 2018

Music Video: Isabella — More Than Words

LOS ANGELES — LA-based recording artist Isabella once again partnered with director/producer Marcella Cytrynowicz to create a new music video, this one for her latest track More Than Words, which was released on 12/12. The creative partnership dates back to Isabella’s music video for her debut single, Three, which was also produced and directed by Cytrynowicz.

“I really love working with her,” says Cytrynowicz. “She trusts me and my crazy ideas…and I’ve learned so much from working with her.”

Three, which debuted in September, was shot entirely in Isabella’s apartment. More Than Words takes the singer half-a-world away to the rocky coasts of Iceland, where she is spending time with her new significant other.

According to Cytrynowicz, a small team that included her and cinetmatographer Gus Bendinelli travelled with Isabella to Iceland in mid-November. The team spent two full days shooting at different outdoor locations, and an hour on a third day at a horse pasture, capturing the desired imagery. Like the Three video, Bendinelli shot More Than Words using a 16mm Bolex camera. Film stock was acquired from Pro8mm in Burbank, which also handled the processing.

Cytrynowicz edited the piece, which runs 3:22, on a Mac running Adobe Premiere Pro. Bendinelli created an initial color pass using Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve and then a final pass once picture was locked. The effects were all captured in-camera, and Cytrynowicz says she intentionally shot certain sequences knowing that there would be exposure effects that come with the loading and unloading of the film magazines. Her thinking was to use those effects as transition points in the video’s light narrative.

“I’ll do a first edit and then [Isabella] meets me in person and gives notes,” says Cytrynowicz. “She is very clear at giving notes and has an aesthetic [in mind].” In the case of More Than Words, Cytrynowicz says Isabella didn’t want to give away all of her looks too early in the video. Instead, she started with the white scheme, then went to the green and waterfall scenes, and then to the horse scene before ending with the coastal water shots.

Watch Isabella’s Three video here.