New plug-in helps audio pros create weapon sounds
February 20, 2018

New plug-in helps audio pros create weapon sounds

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND — Krotos Audio ( has released Weaponiser, a new audio tool for creating weapon sounds. Games, films and even music productions often use weapon sounds, but they tend to be among the most challenging categories of sound effects to capture or create.

Weaponiser is an all-in-one solution for weapon sound design. The tool provides a powerful and efficient workflow; a comprehensive library of professionally-recorded weapons; carefully designed presets with high-end, realtime synthesis; and a high level of sound quality. The release is available in two versions as a VST/AU/AAX plug-in.

Weaponiser Basic offers a total of 952 assets, 515 edited weapon recordings, four weapons, 389 sweetners and 19 IRs, and 90 presets. Weaponiser Fully Loaded offers a total of 2,288 assets, 1,594 edited weapon recordings, 13 weapons, 692 sweetners and 39 IRs, and 135 presets. Both releases contain a collection of UI sounds, voices and drum hits for beatmakers.

Weaponiser Basic is priced at $399, while Weaponiser Fully Loaded costs $599. A 30 percent off         
promotion is running through February 28th, reducing prices to $279 and $419 respectively.