Nylon Studios partners with Free The Bid, adds nine women composers to database
October 12, 2018

Nylon Studios partners with Free The Bid, adds nine women composers to database

NEW YORK CITY — The female-led music and sound house Nylon Studios (www.nylonstudios.com) is continuing to champion diverse talent in the sonic realm of advertising by partnering with Free the Bid to add nine women composers to the initiative’s newly launched ‘database of women composers for visual video.’ The initiative upholds Nylon Studios’ long-standing culture and ongoing push for gender equality in all sectors of the company. 

Nylon Studios is led by Christina Carlo, executive producer of the New York studio, and Karla Henwood, executive producer of music in Australia. 

Photo (L-R): Karla Henwood, Christina Carlo, Lydia Davies & Chelsea Ramsden

“The women of FTB have championed female talent in a tangible and unapologetic way, one that has inspired an entire industry to consider who they are offering creative opportunities to and why,” says Carlo. “So, of course we are committing to this bold initiative, as involving at least one female composer on each and every brief is something we’ve been adamant about for quite some time. The reality is, it’s a craft that is wildly underrepresented by women, but we’re tipping the scales.” 

“I’ve always made a conscious effort to change the perception of women in the music industry, especially over the past 10 years with Nylon Studios’ platform,” Henwood adds. “I’ve had the opportunity to employ, nurture and empower some truly great female talent. The launch of Free The Bid's Women Composer Database is a fantastic next step in showcasing the remarkable talents of the female composers, not just on Nylon’s roster, but of women composers globally. We’re really excited about the movement and how the industry is starting to really embrace gender equity and cultural diversity.” 

Nylon plans to push forward and uphold its long-time mission to champion female voices and continue to participate in movements that spark conversations that promote diversity and shine a light on underrepresented talent. The female composers that have partnered with Nylon for the launch of the composer Free the Bid initiative include Davies, Margot, Elena-Kats Chernin, Lindsay Marcus, Johanna Cranitch, Genevieve Vincent, Chiara Costanza, Julia Kent and Anné Kulonen.