Pond5 app integrates with Final Cut Pro X
April 16, 2018

Pond5 app integrates with Final Cut Pro X

NEW YORK CITY — Pond5, a content marketplace for high-quality, royalty-free video and other media, has announced new integration with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. The app can help editors save time by working with previews of Pond5 footage, music, and sound effects directly in their Final Cut Pro timelines.

Developed in close collaboration with Apple, and available for free download, the new Pond5 App for Final Cut Pro X lets users search for creative content through a streamlined interface with numerous robust search filters, then import previews of selected media files into their timelines with a single click. Editors can then try different video and audio file choices in their projects, apply filters and transitions, and save their work as they go.

Once final files have been chosen, users can simply drag completed sequences onto the Pond5 App to begin the checkout process. When the purchase is completed, all low-res previews will be replaced with hi-res versions, with all of the edits and effects added in the FCPX timeline remaining intact. The app also includes the ability to bulk download previews and hi-res files.

The Pond5 App for Final Cut Pro X (www.pond5.com/fcpx) is free to download and use, and also includes a collection of 50 free pre-selected video clips for users to try in their projects, valued at $1,000. The release follows the recent debut of Pond5’s add-on for Adobe Premiere Pro and is the latest in a continuing series of products and features from Pond5 designed to simplify the workflow of its customers and community.

“Commercial editors are some of the hardest working people in the media world, and we’re committed to helping them do their jobs as efficiently and painlessly as possible,” says Pond5 CEO Jason Teichman. “With the Pond5 App for Final Cut Pro X, we’re streamlining the process of discovering, testing, and selecting the perfect creative content for video projects in a multitude of ways. It’s all part of our mission to help you spend less time on the thankless parts of your work, and more time creating and telling your story.”