Reel FX & Shilo launch new creative group, ATK PLN
February 13, 2018

Reel FX & Shilo launch new creative group, ATK PLN

HOLLYWOOD — The commercial division of digital studio Reel FX has teamed up with Shilo founder/executive creative director Jose Sebastian Gomez to launch ATK PLN, a new strategic creative group. Gomez will lead the creative vision for the studio, joined by former Digital Domain HOP, Jim Riche, who will serve as executive producer, with overall strategy led by managing director David Bates.

(Pictured: Bates, Gomez and Riche)

The trio will draw from their expertise across VFX, design, production, interactive media, branding and marketing to deliver comprehensive creative content solutions for clients. The team has already created dynamic work for clients that include AT&T, Fox Racing and MADD.

ATK PLN will work across live design, animation, live action and all combinations of these disciplines to offer clients visual storytelling carefully tailored to their specific business needs. The strategic creative group will work between its new Hollywood studio, Montreal and Dallas locations. ATK PLN will also partner with sister companies Flight School for their in-depth expertise at the intersection of technology and entertainment, and Reel FX Animation to tap its entertainment talent and experience for a wide range of projects. The studio will embrace a screen-agnostic approach and fuse the boutique sensibility of Shilo with the technical expertise, capabilities and infrastructure of a feature entertainment studio like Reel FX Animation.

“The landscape of the marketing and advertising worlds is changing all around us, and the changes are coming at light speed,” says Bates. “The modes and methods of communication have changed, and the old ways of working no longer stand. New solutions for a new paradigm begin with a complete rethinking of what we’re doing, and not just how we’re doing it.”

“By leveraging Shilo’s design philosophy and creative finesse and Reel FX’s wide scope of technical expertise, we will come together as a powerful content studio,” notes Gomez. 

“When I joined David Bates at Reel FX almost two years ago, we created a vision to elevate the company to the next level, challenging the status quo of the advertising community to offer a new, unique approach to creative problem solving,” notes Riche. “Bringing on Jose Gomez and his creative vision to our team at ATK PLN is allowing us to turn our ideas into reality. I am excited about how this forward-thinking team will continue to evolve with the changing market.”