Sound veteran Frank Serafine partners with Pluralsight on training series
Marc Loftus
February 21, 2018

Sound veteran Frank Serafine partners with Pluralsight on training series

LOS ANGELES – Supervising sound editor Frank Serafine recently completed a video training series for the technology learning platform Pluralsight ( The “Film Sound Production” course runs approximately one hour and 20 minutes, and covers a broad range of topics, each relating to the business of audio for film.

Serafine, whose credits include Tron, The Hunt For Red October, The Lawnmower Man and numerous other films and television programs, wrote, directed and produced the entire series. The course begins with an introduction to the different roles in film sound, including sound supervision, field recording and Foley, and continues to look at production sound essentials, business and budgeting, and the use of timecode. Other topics covered in the series include unions and societies, the history of sound effects and field recording, ADR and walla techniques, wireless technology and camera/microphone interfaces.

Each chapter runs approximately eight minutes, giving viewers a chance to digest information. Serafine serves as the narrator and explains much of the process using easy-to-read graphics. He also ventures into the field to show production techniques.

Pluralsight is a subscription-based service that offers two different payment options. Members can select an annual subscription for $299 or a monthly plan for $29. They also offer a 10-day free trial by signing up.