SourceAudio announces new DIY YouTube whitelisting capability
September 27, 2018

SourceAudio announces new DIY YouTube whitelisting capability

LOS ANGELES — Timed to coincide with the Production Music Conference taking place in Hollywood last month, SourceAudio ( announced the launch of a new DIY YouTube Whitelisting Capability for e-commerce enabled SourceAudio sites. 

Geoffrey Grotz, CEO/co-founder of SourceAudio, describes the company’s e-commerce platform as “Shopify for Music Licensing,” and notes that it is the first to be offered within a white label music licensing platform. SourceAudio’s thousands of platform publishers - with over 30 million songs hosted on the platform combined - can now enable their own licensing storefronts specifically for YouTube video creators that want to license music for their YouTube channels.

YouTube Content ID powered by SourceAudio ensures that music publishers can maximize their ad revenue - or turn off ads/whitelist channels for clients who have legitimately licensed a song for YouTube - on the world's largest video platform through SA’s transparent, easy-to-use, DIY, whitelisting and reporting tools with minimal time and effort.

“Our new capability is far and away the best way to license music for YouTube,” says Grotz. “Our DIY whitelisting functionality lets our clients’ customers license a song, download it, and then instantly whitelist their own YouTube channel for that song so their video is free and clear of any potential take-downs or third party monetization claims. Often, when licensing music for YouTube from other sites, you don’t always know if that music is going to get flagged with an unwarranted copyright claim. We can guarantee licensees that license from a SourceAudio powered site, which enables this new whitelisting capability, will be free-and-clear from all future claims after the video is published to YouTube.”

SourceAudio customers regularly increase sales through SA’s readily customizable e-commerce solution, which supports almost any licensing model. SA allows clients to easily build their own e-commerce storefronts for online licensing, digital downloads, subscription download plans and more. Custom rate cards, monthly subscriptions, multiple licensing models, total flexibility, coupon codes, and DIY setup are all features of SA’s e-commerce offering.

Dan Korobkin, president of sales for SourceAudio, will be a featured speaker during the Production Music Conference. On Friday, September 28, at 4:20pm, he will participate in a panel entitled “Metadata Matters.”  That session will take place at the Hollywood Loews Hotel.