Stock30 launches offering low-cost 4K footage
January 9, 2018

Stock30 launches offering low-cost 4K footage

LONDON — Creative agency Oursayso has launched a new stock footage Website that offers 4K resolution material in :30 clips for £20 ($27) a month. was established by Oursayso’s owner/founder Peter Knott and long-time associate Paul Maunder. The pair claim that in what is generally an over-priced, anti-competitive market, Stock30’s continually-expanding library of :30 4K clips will offer great value and choice.  

“Many would argue there’s never been a truly great place to go to for affordable, high quality stock footage that feels natural, compelling and easy to use,” says Knott. “And as every producer and editor will know, when a shot looks like ‘stock’ it can ruin the authentic nature, style and integrity of an edit.”

Stock 30's (L-R) Knott and Maunder

“Over the years, we’ve shot and edited all sorts of stuff, only to find that when you need a clip of something basic, like a lock-off shot of London’s Oxford Street, you can struggle to find anything that perfectly gels with what you are doing,” adds Maunder. “All too often, stock footage is over-staged and what we editors ideally need are clips that are more down-to-earth, practical and authentic in their look and feel.”

Stock30 launches with an editor’s needs in mind. The library is membership-based, and for a monthly fee of £20, users can enjoy an almost unlimited amount of downloads. They can also request the filming of specific footage for future inclusion in the library. All footage is shot and owned by Stock30, and contributors are paid as freelance camera operators. Those interested in contributing can register online at: