'Submersion' is new underwater sound library
October 24, 2018

'Submersion' is new underwater sound library

MONTREAL – Spectravelers (www.facebook.com/Spectravelers), a game sound design team made up of Arnaud Noble and Benoît Marsalone, has released its first sound library - an underwater collection called “Submersion,” which is now available via the A Sound Effect Website (www.asoundeffect.com). “Submersion” consists of more than 1,800 sounds in 377 files, representing more than 9GBs of sound. The elements are split into two sections (raw and designed), and are all available in the 96kHz/24-bit format.

Priced at $56, the collaction ranges from bubbles and impacts to whooshes, ambiences, and propeller sounds, among many others. All of the material has been recorded and designed at 24-bit/96KHz and includes metadata tags.

The raw elements were captured with the Aquarians H2a Hydrophone in locations that included a pool, river or inside several props. Users can edit any of the more than 1,300 individuals sounds.

The designed section includes ready-to-use sounds (over 593 individuals sounds in 172 files), all created and designed from raw section materials. This collection includes impacts, ambiences, whooshes, explosions, propellers, lava sounds, sci-fi sounds and many more.

Customers can download the collection online. Licensing options include single user, royalty-free, and multi-user.