Wax enters partnership with UK's The Quarry
January 16, 2018

Wax enters partnership with UK's The Quarry

LONDON — Editorial companies Wax and The Quarry have entered into a collaboration in which The Quarry’s editors will now have a presence in the US market. Wax is a boutique post production shop with offices in New York City and Boston, while The Quarry is based in London. The Wax/The Quarry team also have plans to expand to the West Coast. 

The new, full-service Wax/The Quarry collaboration will be referred to as Wax in the US, and will be led by managing partner Toni Lipari and editor/partners Paul Watts, Stephen Jess and Bruce Townend.  

“We were looking for a strong partner overseas with a similar culture and level of talent who shared our creative sensibilities,” says Lipari. “We considered ourselves lucky to hook up with The Quarry. Almost immediately, it was obvious we could create outstanding work together without sacrificing what makes each company unique.”

For the past 25 years, The Quarry has been editing commercials for leading brands, agencies and production companies. According to The Quarry partner Paul Watts, the timing was right to solidify a base in the States and Wax was the partner to help solidify its pivot across the pond. 

“The Quarry has been looking for a new way to bring their editorial talent to the attention of clients in the states,” he says. “While I have been active in the US over recent years, I’ve been convinced that more of my guys could make a splash here. When we met Toni and Steve at the end of last year, we saw a young hungry company making great strides, and it felt like a natural fit to join them in their adventure.”

The US-based Wax operation offers capabilities such as live-action production, editorial, telecine, VFX design and finishing. Alongside partners Stephen Jess, Paul Watts and Bruce Townend, the collaboration will feature a stable of artists and editors that include Eddie Ringer, Jonnie Scarlett, Scot Crane, Jason Sager, Georgia Dodson, Adam Biskupski, Flaura Atkinson, Sylvie Landra, Owen Oppenheimer and Mark Whelan.