ZCam/Assimilate VR bundle now more affordable
January 31, 2018

ZCam/Assimilate VR bundle now more affordable

SANTA CLARA, CA — Z Cam and Assimilate (www.assimilateinc.com) have announced a new, lower price for the companies’ S1 VR Camera/WonderStitch/Scratch VR Z Bundle. The professional solution for creating an integrated VR workflow is now $3,999, making it easier for professionals and aspiring VR pros to gain access.

The Z Cam S1/Scratch VR Z Bundle covers image acquisition with Z Cam’s S1 Professional VR Camera, and stitching with its WonderStitch software, through to a streamlined VR post production workflow with Assimilate’s realtime Scratch VR Z tools. The ease of use of the bundle is designed to help increase productivity, allowing content creators to focus on storytelling rather than the complexities of VR technology. 

“Creating compelling, immersive content requires access to advanced, professional tools,” says Assimilate CEO Jeff Edson. “Z Cam and Assimilate continue to drive access to the best VR products to more people in a wide variety of markets. With this bundle, aspiring professionals and professionals alike can now excel in creating VR experiences within a single integrated, straightforward VR workflow.”

The bundle allows users to easily switch back and forth between the S1 functions and the Scratch VR Z tools. Scratch VR Z can be used to do live camera preview, prior to shooting with the S1. During the shoot, VR Z is then used for dailies and data management, including meta-data. There is no more need for removing SD cards and copying media. It’s a direct connect to the PC and then to the camera via a high-speed Ethernet port. Stitching of the imagery is done in Z Cam’s WonderStitch, which is now integrated into Scratch VR Z. Users then follow on with traditional editing, color grading, compositing, multichannel audio from the S1 or adding external ambisonic sound, finishing, and publishing to all final online or standalone 360 platforms.