Amy Lounsbury fills new role at Chesapeake Systems
June 11, 2019

Amy Lounsbury fills new role at Chesapeake Systems

BALTIMORE, MD — Amy Lounsbury has joined Chesapeake Systems (, the full-service provider of technology systems and solutions that optimize media workflows. Lounsbury will be a part of the company’s Southwest team, and will serve as director of business development for the region.

Her newly-created role will focus on guiding media-centric companies in developing efficient, scalable workflow solutions, with an eye toward ongoing growth.

“Amy brings deep industry expertise and technical understanding to our Los Angeles-based operations,” says CEO, Jason Paquin. “Her trend-spotting capabilities, problem solving orientation, and long-term perspective will help our customers take advantage of new technologies, and plan for the future.”

Lounsbury joins Chesapeake after four years as an enterprise account manager at Diversified. She is active in the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA), including its Women in Post initiative, and in MESA’s Women in Technology, Hollywood section.

“Over time, I became increasingly interested in analyzing client challenges and finding the best solutions in a constantly evolving landscape,” notes Lounsbury. “I find the process to be intellectually engaging and personally rewarding. Chesapeake’s ability to understand the creative perspective and the business imperative is truly rare, and I’m excited to bring that vision to customers.”

Lounsbury entered the industry 13 years ago during a disruptive and evolutionary time of transition from DVD to streaming and VOD, and has been integrally involved in technological changes since that time. Early on, she worked with studios’ home media divisions and their changing distribution methods. Her interest in asset management’s importance to stakeholders was piqued during that time, leading her to help launch DAM conferences in Los Angeles, New York City, and Amsterdam for media and entertainment. She ultimately segued into helping clients with technical solutions to creative challenges.