Ben Corfield promoted to editor at Stitch
January 8, 2019

Ben Corfield promoted to editor at Stitch

LONDON — Ben Corfield is now a fully fledged editor on the Stitch ( roster. He joined the edit house’s Homespun division last year, working on shorts and music video projects. Recently, he cut a two-minute film for Leica that was culled from 105 hours of footage. He also recently cut the Sam Smith and Calvin Harris Promises documentary, which explores the art of voguing.

“We are so happy to have Ben on board as a commercials editor now, not only is he a fantastic editing talent but has a brilliant personality, it’s great having him around,” says Stitch co-owner and editor, Tim Hardy. 

Corfield’s initial interest in editing was piqued in the early ‘90s while watching Terminator 2 on VHS and seeing the T 1000 melt through a metal prison gate.

“I get to work on the best part of the process as I put it all together to create the finished piece,” he says of his work. “It’s always a privilege to work closely with the director during the edit and see his or her vision in its final form.”